Vehcam On Board 2023

Vehcam On Board 2023 – We are delighted to announce that Vehcam have Partnered with us for the 2023 Race Season.

After joining CTS #41 Racing in the back end of 2022 and installing a range of onboard cameras and data system in our MAN race truck Eleanor. Vehcam have caught the truck racing bug and signed up for another year of great racing.

They have provided us with a large range of different camera views on the truck. Multiple surround views as a live feed for our driver Simon on his dash. There are also additional cameras around the truck for the mechanics to gain vital data from to help improve performance.

Vehcam have many years of experience and knowledge in the vehicle camera and data sector, bringing their knowledge and skills to the team.

Vehcam offer many benefits for day to day businesses. This includes cloud based data and video footage, remote monitoring, telematics and video capture downloads.

Visit their website to find out more.

Partner with us in 2023, Contact us to find out more