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About Us

As with most race teams in Motorsport there have been changes across the team over the years. At CTS#41 passion is the main quality we look for when selecting our successful team, from drivers, mechanics, support staff and sponsors. You have to Love what you do!

Our Passion for Motor Racing goes way back to our childhood and with that in 2014 Simon Cole created the CTS#41 Team. They are a bunch of hard working passionate individuals that work together to deliver a thrilling experience for you, whilst having fun doing it!

There are two racing elements to the team. The first being The British Truck Racing Championship with Simon Cole as our Principle race driver. The Second being The BRSCC ClubSport Trophy with Archie Handy and Leigh Ayres as our drivers.





Truck Specifications and Performance –


    • Man Engine
    • Zf Gearbox
    • 0 -60 In Under 6 Secs
    • 160kph Limited
    • 1200 hp
    • 5800 NM of Torque
    • 5.3 Tonne
    • 3.5 Tonne Over Front Axle
    • 1.8t Rear Axle
    • 3 way Adjustable Shocks
    • Fixed Rear Diff
    • Race Tyres



Car Specification and Performance  –

Ford Fiesta ST150

    • 0-60 In 6.5 Secs
    • 2L Duritec Engine
    • Quaife Limited Slip Diff(LSD)
    • 150bhp Is Restricted
    • 3way AST5300 Shocks
    • Dry/Wet Race Tyres
    • 100mph Speed Limit







CTS#41 Simon Cole


Team Principal Race Driver & Team Mechanic

Simon has been racing trucks for almost 10 years, he thinks he’s widely regarded as the pin up boy of the truck race scene, we’ll leave that to you to figure out!

Plenty of podiums and wins to his cv and regarded as one of the most dynamic and fun to watch driver out there. Simon is a popular member in and out of the paddock

‘I’m proud of the team’s commitment and passion for preparing for the season. Let’s do this Team CTS#41!

CTS#41 Archie Handy


Apprentice Mechanic & Racing driver

Archie is our BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship racer and son of Simon Cole. Has been helping dad from the start in 2014! Archie is a young whipper snapper at the tender age of 16 with a beautiful racing career ahead of him.

He’s in the first year of his HGV mechanics apprenticeship and loves it, although he’d rather be on the track racing, ‘nothing beats the adrenalin rush of a race’.  At race weekend he assists Jon in the pit lane and workshop.

Archie is great friends with Connor and they both love spending race weekends having a laugh!


Chief Mechanic and support vehicle driver

Jon has worked on HGV vehicles since the age of 14, so he has definitely earned the right of chief mechanic for Team CTS#41.

This will be his 4th year as chief mechanic and is an integral part to ensuring the Truck is race ready! His role within the team is to prep in workshop, over see any problems at race meetings and be in the pit ready if Simon comes in, fix small issues and him back on the track to finish races.

‘I’ve also spent the last two years trying to get sponsors on board with a few big names joining us’.



Connor is 17 years old and attending Colchester college, he’s in his 2nd year on a motor vehicle course. Being the son of Jonathon, it was only natural that he would be learning the ropes off his old man! He is becoming quite a dab hand at truck racing mechanics. His role in team is helping with repairs and assisting in the pit lane. Good friends with Archie (Our BRSCC Fiesta Junior racer on the team).

His interests include anything motorsport and has his own motocross bike, he is a huge asset to the team.

CTS#41 Steve Woodall


Mechanic and Driver

Steve has always been in and around the truck and haulage industry from a very young age at his grandfather’s company. This led him on the path to becoming a commercial vehicle mechanic, which he loves. He started with CTS#41 about 3 years ago when he was introduced to Simon by an old friend who knew I was looking for a way into a good team.

His favourite track is brands hatch as the tight turns and narrow track makes for some excellent racing for both spectators and showing off the skills of the drivers.

CTS#41 James Stonestreet



James has been involved in racing his whole life and started working with CTS#41 in 2019 after a chance meeting in the paddock. He’s a race mechanic and HGV driver with experience at all levels of British Motorsport and has always loved the spectacle that is truck racing! So, to work with Simon, Archie and the rest of the team is a real honour.

His favourite track is Brands Hatch, ‘it’s home and there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of the natural amphitheatre’.


Team Support and Data Analyst

I’ve always been a massive motorsport fan, being interested in rally cross from an early age which in turn introduced me to circuit racing and all types of Motorsport Championships’.

Toby is Simon’s brother so it was always on the cards that he would be part of the CTS#41 team and has been for several years now.

‘I love the teamwork of getting to the circuits and setting up ready for racing, it’s great, couldn’t ask to work alongside a nicer bunch and look forward to this season and the success we hope to achieve’.


Team Support

Raced himself previously and has been involved with motorsport for 30 years.

He met Simon via a mutual friend within motorsport, since then he’s been assisting Simon and now Archie in his race career in the Fiesta Junior Championship.

Mark is always hands on during preparations ahead of each race meeting.


Teams’ Social Media & Admin.

Sam has been part of the race team since 2014. He looks after the team’s social media and updates during race weekends, so look out for his Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram updates.

You’ll see him around the truck racing paddock ensuring the team is ready for every race session.



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