Oulton Park June 2022

A very early 3am start Friday for the CTS#41 Team to get to Oulton Park International in Cheshire. BIG REV doesn’t like stopping so breakfast had to wait until we got there!

On arrival we signed in and got ourselves settled. Friday was about getting to know the course and practice, after the nightmares we faced at Croft with the car, today she did good.

Our Saturday morning session went well, Archie finished 6th with less than 2.5 secs between 1st and him! Unfortunately Archie did not get his full practice time due to another car involved in an accident on the the course. Great Result considering the circumstances.

Qualified 7th

Race 1 – Finished 9th but only got to do 2 laps as the race got red flagged and did not get restarted!

Race 2 – Did not go ahead – this was due to a very bad accident in the previous race to ours. This meant Archie’s race ran out of time as another race was put on instead as they had not been out all day.

Summary – 2 Laps completed all day, although the first race was declared the rules state that a race should be 75% completed to be declared so many of the teams are disputing this and that the race should be declared Void! The second race should be added to another race meeting however everything seems like it’s all up in the air.

We will await BRSCC to release a statement.

CTS#41 Fans Thank you for your continued Support.