Croft May 2022

What a weekend! Plagued with problems from the moment we got on track, however the team rose to the challenge and went above and beyond, couldn’t fault them in their efforts and positive attitude. If you follow us, you will already know we squeezed in some fun and had a laugh!

Test Day – Friday 13th (are we superstitious?)

During practice we had an engine oil leak and gear issues, despite this we held top 5pace.

The afternoon bought us more pain with a Gearbox change! Archie broke his thumb when the box fell on him but kept that quiet until Monday. Had a free practice but missed a gear resulting in engine issues. Re timed and sent out to qualify.

Qualifying Day – Saturday 14th

After a 3 lap Qualifier due to engine issues Archie qualified but was last. That then led to a full engine swap a massive Thanks to James Pope racing and Alastair Rushforth for lending us an engine for the weekend, BIG LOVE!

Race Day – Sunday 15th

Race one – Battling from the rear got to 7th place, as Archie was overtaking the front shock broke meaning he was out of the race.

Race two – Again battling from the rear making good headway, with a finish of 8 place.

Outstanding achievement from last on the grid considering all cars in this race have the same pace, therefore gaining from 14th position Archie showed great character and fantastic driving skills to get to 8th!

So in summary we stripped the engine that had blown to then find 6 bent valves! Even with all the challenges Archie still qualified seconds behind pole and this is an achievement, to say I’m proud of the team and Archie is an understatement!

Might do another dance 🕺

Big Rev x