About Us

Come Trucksport was founded in 2014. A truck was purchased from Finland, an ex championship winning works truck. Simon competed in a few rounds towards the end of 2014 Another developing year in 2015 saw Simon compete as a guest of the BTRA joining on occasional meetings 2016 saw a rebrand of the truck with fresh colours and new sponsors. A major mechanical failure sadly resulted in half a season of retirement for the team 2017 back fighting strong with a few more sponsors on board and major mechanical upgrades, Simon and the beast ran well throughout 2017 2018 a huge change to the team with a rebrand partnering with Team HARD, a new look for the team and a fresh up to date cap for the beast. The team completed the full season in the BTRA 2019 Another new look, with a new colour scheme, new trailer and new hospitality and new upgrades for the truck too. A brand new engine, gearbox and axels. The team have had some bad luck so far this year but stew continuing to fight strong.

Team Members

Team members: Driver Simon Cole

Team Manager Jon David

Chief mechanic Tom Ray

Marketing Manager Sam Morse

Team members: Mark Reeves, Archie Handy, Mark Rogers, Steve Woodall, David Shafford, James Stonestreet, Connor David.