–          How they started racing?


Simon began his racing career with motorcross bikes, leading onto racing in the clio cup and then in 2014 joining the British Truck Racing Championship.

He had a guest drive at the wheel of an Iveco racing truck which instantly lead to the purchase of his own 5.5T racing machine.

Now racing behind the wheel of his Mercedes named ‘The Beast’


Archie has no previous behind the wheel racing experience. He has gained some valuable race knowledge from working alongside the team during his dad’s races at weekends and working at the workshop between races. “I want to race like my dad does, I’m learning from his driving style and helping at race weekends on the truck”

Now competing in his first season in the Junior Saloon Car Championship in his Saxo VTR

–          How their 2019 seasons have gone so far?


“This year has been a struggle from the start. With major upgrades to the truck; engine, gearbox, rear axle, the list goes on. But we’re using this as a stepping stone for next season”

Simon had some bad luck and teething issues at the start of the season but as we’ve progressed through the year we are finding where we have been going wrong.

We are heading into Brands Hatch with a positive attitude after leaving Pembrey on a positive note.


Brands Hatch will be Archie 3rd ever race weekend. Archie has settled well behind the wheel of the Saxo and is battling well. Unfortunately, a few unlucky incidents in the previous race meeting. I’m looking forward to the end of season finale at Brands Hatch.

–          How does it feel to be competing on the same weekend at the same track?


It feels great to be racing on the same weekend as Archie, it’s our local track so we will have lots of support from our family, friends and our sponsors and their guests. We’ll have the full team there working on both the Truck and the Saxo to ensure we send the year off on a high.


After years of watching my dad race at Brands Hatch I’m finally going to be racing there myself. I’ll be looking at the lap times to see who’s quicker, me or dad.

–          What they want to achieve in the future/goals?


“The ultimate goal has got to be champion, I would love to race in the European Truck Racing Championship.


“To race against my dad and to eventually join the racing trucks and potentially touring cars.”